Quality and Quantity of Wastes Generated in Marun Petrochemical Complex and Evacuating Recovery Potential

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Associate Professor, Faculty of Civil, Water and Environmental Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Pardis Branch, Islamic Azad University, Pardis, Iran


Waste recycling is one of the favorable methods in waste management. Since huge amount of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are produced in petrochemical industry, it is essential to characterize generated wastes and evaluate their recovery potential. Marun petrochemical complex (MPC) is located in Petrochemical Especial Economic Zone (PEEZ) on the northern coastline of the Persian Gulf. Waste management in MPC is quite complex due to diversity and their hazards to the environment and human health. In this study, different ypes of waste including processing and non-processing wastes were investigated. The recoverable wastes were estimated and effect of recycling on present waste management was assessed. Proper management of waste needs waste characterization including quantity, type, and composition. Therefore, questionnaires were used to collect data. During five units of production process, 6199 ton of solid, liquid, and hazardous wastes were generated in MPC annually. Classification of industrial establishments was made based on a comparative synthesis and analysis of recent nationwide surveys and studies pertaining to petrochemical waste anagement.  Results showed that the major parts of waste were catalysts, metallic materials, plastic barrel, 3.78% paper, wood, oil and glass respectively. In the view of physical properties, 80.1% of wastes were solid and remain was liquid. Serious problems were observed in the present management of these wastes such as in-situ dumping of wastes and low recycling. It is estimated that about 5000 ton of waste had optional of recovery. Therefore, waste recycling was recommended in MPC among other techniques of waste management.