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Journal of Hydrosciences and Environment (JHE) is a self-publication open access semiannual journal in the field of water and environmental engineering. The publication owner of the journal is the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Sistan and Baluchestan. The journal is related to the research centers of the university. English is the main language of the journal. Authors that their first language is not English should precisely check the grammar and the concept of the manuscript separately. The journal is interested in original manuscripts of researchers and new topics in the field of water sciences.

Aims and Scopes

The journal aims to publish original researches in the field of water, environment, and involved problems. The main scopes of the journal are covered with the management and modeling of :

Water Resources, Water Economics, Water Policy, Watersheds, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution, Geo-hydrology, Hydraulic, Hydraulic Structures, Groundwater, Biology and Ecology of Aquatic Environments, Environmental issues, Solid Wastes and their impact on the public health. Analytical, statistical, and numerical modeling of water and environment issues and also computer simulations further experimental works and field studies related to the above topics are being considered by the journal editorial board.

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The manuscript should be submitted to JHE through the submit paper system.


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Please contact the journal with the following Email:  hydroes.journal@usb.ac.ir


Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 13, June 2023 

Research Paper

Analyzing and predicting drought in arid and semi-arid regions by using atmospheric general circulation model and RCP scenarios

Pages 1-9

Mobin Eftekhari; Seyed Ahmad Eslaminezhad; Maryam Ghaemi; Mohsen Ghorani; Mohammad Akbari

Forest Fire Assessment and Estimation Using Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 Satellite Images in Google Earth Engine

Pages 25-29

Mehdi Afraz; Mobin Eftekhari; Omid Kazemizade; Zahra Noghani; Seyed Ahmad Eslaminezhad; Maryam Ghaemi

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