Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Urban Green Space Planning (Case Study: Qochan City)

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of surveying Engineering University of Zabol Zabol, Iran



The integration of urban services is one of the most important achievements of the urban geographic information system (GIS), which will clarify, unify and facilitate services by creating a database in GIS, and it will be a step in the direction of reaching the urban information management system and decision support of senior city managers, which can be used as a new and powerful tool for better city management. Gathering information (spatial and descriptive) of all aspects of green space in the region, elements, furniture and urban facilities in Qochan city is one of the main operations to achieve better management in the region. Using Quick Bird satellite images and evaluating the potential of these data in producing a number of green space information layers such as linear, point and surface complications and the ability to update area information is one of the activities that makes it easy for managers to access information.


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