Simulation of No3-N Concentration under Different Irrigation and Fertilization Regimes: The Definition of a New Scenario

Document Type: Research Paper


1 MSc, Water Engineering department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Buali-Sina Hamedan, Hamedan, Iran

2 Assistant professor Water Engineering, University of Buali-Sina Hamedan, Hamedan, Iran


The relationship between the accumulation of nitrate in the soil and its concentration in groundwater and in various plant systems is still not fully understood, but it indicates a high correlation between nitrate leaching and environmental and managerial factors. In this study, nitrate uptake by sugarcanes was simulated by the NLEAP model for different months during the simulation period and a new fertilization scenario was defined. According to the statistical analysis, the NLEAP model provided us with a good estimation in simulations and simulated nitrate volatilization and leaching more accurately. Also, it was revealed that N uptake rate was the highest in the scenario I1N3 due to lower water and higher N and that it was the lowest in the scenario I3N1 due to higher water and lower N.